TRUMP ON WARREN: She’ll Turn USA into Venezuela, ‘Who Cares’ about DNA? | Sean Hannity

President Trump weighed-in on outspoken Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recently released DNA report Monday before departing for Florida; asking “who cares” about the legislator’s ancestry and saying she hopes to turn the United Sates into Venezuela.

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Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren took the rare step Monday of releasing her DNA test results examining her possible Native American ancestry, in apparent response to persistent criticism from President Trump and other Republicans.

The results, as shared with The Boston Globe, reportedly reveal “strong evidence” the Massachusetts senator had a Native American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations. At the same time, the report could embolden critics by showing only trace amounts of that heritage – which Republicans have charged she used to advance her career at Harvard.

According to the analysis, if Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, she would be considered 1/32nd Native American. Should Warren’s ancestor date back 10 generations, she would be only 1/512th Native American.

But as Warren mulls a presidential run in 2020, her Senate re-election campaign produced a video playing up the results.

Warren is now on the attack against President Trump attacking the president for calling her a liar. Warren seems to forget that she stated her grandmother was Native American when the results show that the heritage was much farther back in her family tree. 6 to 10 generations back to be exact

Why did it take her this long to genealogist-shop? Tribes have strict rules about membership. This was from an oped about Warren by a Cherokee, Rebecca Nagle, in ThinkProgress: “Cherokee genealogists have pored through her family history to find that “None of her direct line ancestors are ever shown to be anything other than white, dating back to long before the Trail of Tears.” To add insult to injury, despite Warren’s public claims of Native American heritage, she has decidedly avoided talking with Native leaders and, in 2012, refused to meet with a group of Cherokee women at the Democratic National Convention.”