TRUMP ON TOP: President’s Approval Hits 51% After Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle | Sean Hannity

Despite months of negative attacks from the mainstream media and Democrats, President Trump’s approval rating rose to 51% among likely voters this week; a sharp rebuke to liberal legislators following a brutal confirmation battle surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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Unfortunately for Trump, Rasmussen is an outlier. On RCP, the aggregated approval rating is 43.5%. It’s always best to get a wider sample of polling to get more accurate data.

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He’ll be back to the 30s soon…

I have learned not to believe most poles. They usually only talk to the people who will give them the answers they want.

Horray! Let’s cheer outliers!

When I still had a landline I was called by a pollster. When I didn’t give him the approved answer on the second question, he promptly hung up on me. So much for wanting my opinion.

Sorry Our Humble Host,

Trump’s approval rating is about 43.5%. Grant it, that’s high for his presidency, but it’s still bad. Trump’s mark at about 44% has been his highest.

With that said, the whole Kavanaugh debacle HAS riled up his base and perhaps added a couple of supporters.

But in the overall picture, giving a Trump a pat on the back for being at 43.5% is rather pathetic. I hate the fact that Trump’s presidency has degraded the office. Now, we’re giving high fives to outliner polling results.

Hey, among people I know, his overall approval is around 80%. It just depends on how many people you ask and what the questions are. Besides, professional pollsters always know how to get the results they want. It’s like a soda ad. If they ask 100 people and 9 like their soda, they can say 9 out of 10 prefer it.