Trump: On second thought, lets not declassify the FISA stuff


Guess someone made sure he realised it might backfire a bit.

I’m sure Nunes is crushed.

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Something is up. According to the NYT article about Rosenstein McCabes memos would have supported that story.

Now they don’t want to release the McCabe memos?

redflag for me.

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The unredacted info probably wouldn’t make Trump look too good on several fronts.

And there is the ■■■■■■■ off foreign allies aspect, though I doubt Trump cares all that much about that.

What do you think it is? Fat donald finally saw what’s in the memo and got scared as ■■■■?

I agree with that. Could be they actually read them and decided it might be a whoopsy to read out all the allegations against Trump to the public.

Agreed and agreed again.

But I think neither of those two would matter if they decided it would be better to weave a false narrative that only the declassified memos could refute.

That would imply he would be willing g to sit down and read memos after memos without getting distracted by cake or Fox news…


Marcy Wheeler had a good piece about Trump and his defense operating in a bubble where his laywers believe him and Trump believes Nunes and the foxes.

The order to declassify could be explained by living in that bubble, and the order to not declassify could be explained by them finally reading the material and they themselves realizing they’ve been in a bubble.


If he’s relying on an IG report, not sure he’s going to be very satisfied.

But yeah, I have little doubt the unredacted info would have blown up in his face if he’d gone through with it. Hannity and Pirro et al haven’t seen the info so they wouldn’t know.

…Which is why I though it was suspicious they all gathered in las vegas the other night. All speculation, but that could have been a reading session which was supposed to end with a creative writing session that, based on the order not release, didn’t produce creative enough writing.

What could go wrong :grin:.

Gotta lead with O’Keefes latest dud instead.

today we’ve had two inside-baseball stories come out very close together that don’t make any sense on their own and make even less sense when taken together.

Weirdness is afoot.

Tell me…what does The Weasel have to do with releasing FISA doc?

On Friday morning, the president that his request to declassify documents related to the Russia probe was being handled by the office of the Inspector General, which would review them before release. This marks a shift from the announcement earlier in the week on Monday calling for the quick release of documents that including FISA warrant surveillance applications for former aide Carter Page and text messages from former FBI officials and employees such as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page. There was widespread concern that this use of declassification as a political weapon would also compromise intelligence sources.

To judge by the president’s tweets, this concern was shared by “key allies” including Britain:

He’s letting IG to go over it first to make sure no ongoing classified information is release.

Seriously libs. Your run away conspiracy is driving you all mad.

I don’t know your pet names for people.

You think trump hasn’t let them read memos while in his office or air Force one? I have doubts

Ah, the IG for the DoJ? The one who authored the famous IG report? :grin: .

I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the way he handles things.

My precious is one of them

I have no idea and that alone is little bit awesome. This week was getting boring for a second there.

True, but would they even understand what they were reading? Pirro has a legal background, but i’m sure there’s a fair bit of jargon she wouldn’t be familiar with.

Damn that man is an idiot.