TRUMP ON HANNITY: It’s ‘Common Sense’ to Protect Americans with a Border Barrier

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President Trump spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity along the porous US-Mexico border in Texas Thursday; saying it’s simply “common sense” that a physical barrier would help Border Patrol Agents do their jobs and prevent drugs from entering the country.

“They are incredible people. We’ve just spent some time together, we had a meeting, and it’s incredible the job they do. We really appreciate it,” said the Commander-in-Chief.

“They have a tremendous amount of drugs they just captured. If we had a barrier, a steel barrier or a concrete barrier, call it whatever you want, we wouldn’t have the problem… It’s common sense, it really is,” he added.

Watch the President on ‘Hannity’ above.

It is common sense that’s why Dems and liberals are fighting so hard against it!