Trump on December 20th, 2018: "The border is tight."


Or he’s just a liar. Whichever. He depends on people being fooled by his words.


Area 666?..


Lol. I didn’t get much clarity from that mush Twitter stupid soup.


This picture from the other night is interesting, and not just because the photographer managed to include the boom mic:

No, what’s great about it is that you get the feeling this is really the entire Trump administration/staff, right here. That’s it.

Like, not only are these the only people running anything, but if the bombs drop, and there’s a bunker, this is what will be left to repopulate the earth.


Stupid and emotional people are easily swayed by lies. We see case studies of that every time Lyin’ Don makes a bull ■■■■ declaration.


Sweet Jesus. That last sentence just destroyed my faith in everything.


Couch cushions.

It’s a big problem.


Marg, you’re a gem.



Is he still your president??


President of what? The government is shut down.


President of the deranged fantasies running through libs minds.