Trump on December 20th, 2018: "The border is tight."

So why is Trump on the cusp of declaring a national emergency when, less than a month ago, he declared that the caravans didn’t get through, and none are forming, and that the border is tight?

There used to be A LOT of complaining from right-wing talk radio, and their listeners on this forum, about Obama legislating through “executive fiat.” Weird that Trump is now enjoying the support on his potential use of emergency powers from the very people who thought Obama abused his presidential privilege.


Couldn’t have anything to do with troop deployment to southern border putting up concertina wire, could it?

Let me see whether we can determine any likely causation:



Also, this can help clarify things, too:

As a general rule, people do their most coherent and logical tweeting at 2:42 am.


That tweet. What in the bloody hell?

At the time of that tweet, about 70 miles [1] of wire were put up. So, if the border is “tight” with 70 miles of wire, why do we have a national emergency unless we pay $5 billion for a wall?

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Where in the hell did we lose 300 people…lolol

He’s a ■■■■■■■ moron.

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This. Republicans in the House don’t have the votes for Donballs Wall. Suddenly Democrats win the House. Emergency! Dems must give me what House Republicans were too smart to give me for 2 years!!!

And Republican Media marches unquestioningly gape-mouthed in lockstep.


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trump lies.

Build the wall.

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My goodness and the hits keep coming

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There is already an imaginary wall on the southern border that was paid for with imaginary pesos. Why do we need another one? This one already seems to be working. Illegal border crossing is already down 75 percent since 2000.

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Let’s go further. He’s already gaslighted/handwaved the Mexico-will-pay nonsense. He can declare victory; he can declare that he never said anything about a wall; he can say the wall is already built; he can say he wanted ____ all along, etc. It’s tough, as “truth” has to have two qualities: 1. Trump has to declare it as truth and 2. It has to be perceived by his base as hurting liberals or making them angry.

He was referring to deaths from drug overdoses, almost all of which are caused by drugs that are manufactured domestically or imported through normal points of entry. This is a a tragedy.

Unlike the Trump Organization, most drug cartels typically run at a profit and so rely on supply chains that will not be disrupted by a multi-year construction project. In business this is referred to as “planning” which does not seem to be a process that much interests Trump.

Early in 2017 the drug problem was placed in Jared Kushner’s portfolio. I have not heard anything from Kushner about this since. Did I miss what he did? Could have, though I can assure you I wasn’t high.


Tight where there is wall, duh.

Wasn’t Kushner supposed to figure out how to bring peace to the Middle East?

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Not only end the drug crisis, and bring peace to the Middle East, but also reinvent government.

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Oh hell. That’s just too funny!!