Trump on Course to Win 2020 Elections According to Reliable Polls

I guess hindsight isn’t 2020, but if Trump survives the impeachment via the senate, we’ll likely have 4 more years of reality entertainment - whether we want it or not. I wouldn’t be surprised, given how weak this round of mainstream Democratic personalities are at galvanizing… well anything. Bernie excluded but not wanted by his party.

There’s one major problem with the model: there has never before been an insane president like Donald Trump.


So now we believe the polls?


Reliable Polls?

It says right in the link that the Moody’s Poll got it wrong in 2016.

But we are supposed to believe them now?


Oh I have been predicting an Obese Donald win in 2020, ever since December of 2016.

My prediction is based on knowing that most of the 62.8 million folks that voted for the worst presidential candidate ever, Donald Trump, in 2016 are likely to vote for him again, yes people can be that stupid, and I think he will, if the market holds and unemployment rate remains low, get a bump on that figure from “not changing the horses ass in mid stream” types.

I beat Moody’s in 2016. I predicted a Trump win, they didn’t.


Write this down. I agree with George Will.

I very much doubt that Trump will win Pennsylvania again. During the 2018 midterms, Senator Casey of PA won his reelection bid by 13.1%. The only states that Trump might win in 2020 that he lost in 2016 is Minnesota and New Hampshire.

I just don’t see him winning Michigan again, but who knows. We’re not out of NAFTA. He said during the campaign he would gamer us out, not replace it. That came after he won.