Trump officials were told to make sympathetic comments about the kenosha shooter

NBC has gotten hold of some internal DHS memos that show that they were given talking points to help steer the narrative on the kenosha shooter.

In preparing Homeland Security officials for questions about Rittenhouse from the media, the document suggests that they note that he “took his rifle to the scene of the rioting to help defend small business owners.”

Another set of talking points distributed to Homeland Security officials said the media were incorrectly labeling the group Patriot Prayer as racists after clashes erupted between the group and protesters in Portland, Oregon

why am I not surprised… theres no wonder why trump cant condemn white supremacists when his administration is full of their supports.

Trump has condemned white supremacists.

Multiple times.

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Who wrote it?

Im sure we’ll never get an answer on that.

Maybe if we actually looked at it.

Tabloid gossip being passed off as news.


And why shouldn’t there be sympathy for “Kenosha shooter”??

People have sympathy for lots of things.

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That conclusion is based on what?

We have an inherent right to defend ourselves.

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Unless it involves a cop

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Indiana comes to mind.

Michelle Malkin got the memo.

Mother Of The Year drove him to his first double homicide.


That’s the media in a nutshell.


Internal DHS memos are tabloid gossip?

Let’s see it.

Anything that goes against the narrative of
“Orange man gud” is tabloid gossip that includes DHS memos

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You have not established that either Rittenhouse nor that this Patriot Prayer group are white supremacists, so I don’t see the relevance of your comment about condemning white supremacists which of course Trump has done.

Gee, there’s not much right with the OP, is there?

100% truth.

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Specifically in answer to the thread topic. moonshine seems to have missed a key paragraph in the “news” article itself.

The document instructs officials, if they are asked about Rittenhouse, to say they are not going to comment on an ongoing investigation and to say that “what I will say is that Rittenhouse, just like everyone else in America, is innocent until proven guilty and deserves a fair trial based on all the facts, not just the ones that support a certain narrative. This is why we try the accused in the court of law, not the star chamber of public opinion.”