Trump officals worried about future employment

I’ve thought about this, specifically in relation to Bill Barr.

Gonzales couldn’t find a job anywhere - I think he’s teaching at some middling new law school- after he left as Dubya’s AG - and Barr is exponentially more tainted, from a legal profession perspective.

He is 70 years-old and has $40M.

Yes it was good to see Biden campaigning last night like he is losing.

A lot of people here are indeed risking the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.

Well, if he wants to just ride off into the sunset, I’m glad he has that option.

I think the article points out discrimination fears which are credible since the left has been attacking Trump and anybody who voted for him for four years now. If God forbid Biden should win it will likely be a real problem because Dems want to pack the court, repeal the 1st and 2nd Amendments and basically change and control the country. And the lemmings that support them now won’t fair any better over the long haul, they just don’t know it!

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A Trump sat on a stump.
The stump thunk the Trump stunk, and the Trump thunk the stump stunk.

Thanks Dad.

Yeah you’re right…Compost is much worst.

You guys didn’t do any justice here posting articles after articles of great Russian hoax…Or fake quid pro quo. Remember them?

for example former press secretarys
bush former press secretaries now have their own show on fox,are college vp’s,or highly paid media consultants

obamas are top corporate execs for companies like united mcdonalds and amazon

trumps are on dancing with the stars and working at newsmax…

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I understand, to punish Trump supporters but still it’s Compost.

After what they did with great Russian hoax and quid pro quo scandal anything link to that site should be banned here. :wink:

Exactly. Let them all huddle in a tent under a bridge.

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You know very good and well that, under a Harris/Biden regime, they’ll be tortured and executed.

Jade Helm?


You know…re-education camps down in Texas?

For the former Trump officials once the Libs take over!

Never heard of them.

Here in Central Texas is a town near me where some of the Jade Helm exercises were being held. They had a city meeting where a Army General explained to the townsfolk what it was all about. And so many of the folk told him that he was lying and that it was the first phase for Obama to give Texas back to Mexico. It was both humorous and scary.

Too far?

You think the polls are off by 25-30%?