Trump offers Kim 'protections that are very strong'

Well, two liars are starting another chapter. I’m guessing Chapter 3.

Now, what are the odds that either one trusts the other?

imagine if Obama even talked to Kim… the republicans would lose their collective minds


well, after they talked about Michelle’s hip size.

Sounds like Trump has decided that he might be able to bribe Kim into meeting with him. Apparently he is now offering to provide protection for North Korea should the disarm completely.

The word on the street is that he is going to offer them the Iron Dome, nuclear cruise missiles, as well as the installation of hardened missile silos that will house US nuclear-armed missiles.

What a generous guy, right?

Trump made another attempt for peace in Korea and, naturally, the left goes insane.

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Those defenses are already sitting just south of the DMZ. It wouldn’t take much to move them north.

You mean when he offered to provide “strong protection” to a brutal dictator?

I’m sure China would be super-cool with us moving them right up to their border. Yes?

So you’re not in favor of a peace according on the Korean peninsula?

Peace with N Korea: NOBEL PRIZE!!!
Peace with Iran: TRAITOR! KENYAN MUSLIM!!!

You prefer Obama’s Libya model then?

I am not in favor of propping up Kim with our military, no.

I am not in favor of propping up Kim with our $$$. Trump being a supposed deal maker needs to drive a better bargain than having US taxpayer dollars support a brutal dictator.

Bolton sure seems to :grin:.

He’s desperate for good press, and Kim knows it.

Virtually every N.Korean expert said this would happen.

Within a week I bet that Trump offers Kim American nuclear technology.

Yeah, is this going to end up being the usual bribes, “support,” etc. that we’ve done in the past?

I have a hard time believing we’d ever offer any kind of military protection. That would be absurd.

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Mr. Trump’s statement seemed less a policy shift than an effort to preserve his date with Mr. Kim. But while the gesture may avoid a swift rejection by Mr. Kim, it shows that Mr. Trump is willing to give up what for months has been his bedrock position in dealing with the North. And it demonstrates that three weeks before the June 12 meeting, the White House is still groping for a strategy to negotiate with a reclusive, suspicious nuclear-weapons state.

The scale of North Korea’s program, Mr. Trump said, would make it difficult to dismantle it in a single step. “It would certainly be better if it were all in one,” he said. “Does it have to be? I don’t think I want to totally commit myself.”


On Tuesday, Mr. Trump went out of his way to guarantee Mr. Kim’s safety. “He will be safe. He will be happy. His country will be rich,” the president said.