Trump obstruction..the shift begins

So now its essentially no obstruction…down from no obstruction. He is literally throwing his supporters under the bus…all that arguing over there being none and now this…

If I was a trump supporter I’d be rethinking things a little…

He’s getting ahead of the narrative.

What’s the over/under on the first Trumpist in here to say the knew all along that he was obstructing justice, but that it wasn’t full on real obstruction, merely that kind of obstruction that barely meets the elements of the law?

I give it two days.

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It’s comical how many grown men this dude has conned.

It’s like watching a 17 year old going to a car dealership.

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He was doing it for the nation…that’s already been used…

They are trying the same thing they did with the report…lubing the truth

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I will say he’s arguably one of the most successful con artist in American history.


He’s great at it.

I wish he could take that same effort and do things like trumpcare or lower the national debt

guess who said it?

“We’re not meddling in an election, we’re meddling in an investigation, which we have a right to do,” . “There’s nothing illegal about it. Somebody could say it’s improper.”

That would be Trump enabler and lickspittle Rudy G, trying to create a scandal around Joe Biden. The facts on this one are on a par with Birtherism and Pizzagate, More inexcusable behavior from Team Trump.

Defections, what-about IMS and faux outrage all expected and invited.

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You got him now!

death by a thousand cuts.

well, until they figure out how much Russian Mafia money Trump has.

Obstruction lite. For the calorie conscious I guess.

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We had him at hello.

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No, not if you were a trump supporter. At least IMO. Their minds are made up and a revelation from God wouldn’t change that.

Obstruction gimps are dumber than collusion gimps.

But impeachment gimps are the worst.

Weird. They all seem to be the same people.

But it is illegal in some cases

Oh I know they arent worth talking to. I just like rubbing it in their faces they got conned…and I’m curious if they like eating rubber

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I’m pretty sure they chew on pencils.


…don’t hurt yourself. :sunglasses: