Trump obliterates his dishonesty record: 132 false claims last week, 280 for July

Our President made 19 false claims per day. Per day.

Con man liar.

Fake news.

he didn’t lie under oath, so it doesn’t matter. just like obama saying if you like your insurance, you can keep it. not under oath. that’s why no one holds that against him and you never hear about it on these forums.

How many lies per day did Hillary make during the campaign? How many les per day did Obama make during his Presidency? Do you happen to have that data? :nerd_face:

Fake news NYT tried to count them once I think:

but they are the enemy of the state.

It’s probably a good strategy to talk about Hillary. Kind of hard to defend 19 false claims per day.

Trump says he’s more honest than Honest Abe, why would he lie?

Seriously? The NY Times? A paper dedicated to the overthrow of the President? C’mon man. You might as well use Breitbart.

yeah that’s what i just said!!!

Sorry. I saw sarcasm where there was none. My mistake.

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Typically lazy deflection. Attacking the source, impugning the motives of others, because Trump.

Are you sure it was 19? Maybe it was 106? Because we know that newspapers are all neutral new sources to always be trusted. Right?

Did you know that not a single employee of The Star voted for the President? Not a single one.

hey, not a bad addition to your strategy. first hillary then the source.

kind of hard to defend 19 false claims per day.

someone should take that chart, find the spikes in lying and match it up with what was happening in the country. like bad news for Trump right after the spikes.

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Hey. Is there any reason for me to believe that this isn’t fake news? I haven’t seen any reason yet. According to ANN (Altair News Network) Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters both lie exactly 20 times per day.

ANN is also reporting that Nobody at THE STAR voted for Trump. Noooooooo-body. And that one is no B.S.

Of course there’s no reason for you to believe it. You’re going to believe whatever Trump says and whatever is good for his administration.

And dems do the exact same thing with the people they vote for too. So what’s your point?

Good to see that you admit you’re on the same partisan level as your opponents.

Well I didn’t exactly admit it for myself. Cuz you know I’m a bit superior to you political sheep. I’m special.

Finally - we ALL agree Donald’s #1 at something.