Trump now holding Missing Immigrant Children Hostage

Whether I like it or dislike it is irrelevant to the fact that once it got out that the images seen round the world were taken under Obama’s administration, it just quietly faded.

I am so sick of virtue signaling nincompoops. They’re doing more to hurt their causes and this country than the russians could even dream of.

Yep. Increased border control would solve this problem. Also, immediately return of all illegals as they cross the border would help.
Trump asked for increased funding for Judges and agents to increase the speed with which illegals are returned to their own country. It is Democrats who are worsening this problem.

Why are you ignoring the question? Were the kids in those images from 2014 taken away from their parents like they are doing today? Yes or no?

And whether you like what they are doing to children today, taking them from their parents and keeping them separated is relevant to this conversation. So do you like what they are doing today?

Why is it so important to you to force a discussion that I wasn’t having?

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Only you can choose how you react to information.

You can stay juvenile and just laugh about the photos being from 2014. Or move beyond to the more relevant, factual information that the children in those photos were not taken from their parents the way that ICE is doing today.

I’ll take your refusal to answer about what you think of what ICE is doing today as you being to embarrassed of your position to type it out.

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Nope…so let’s agree to build the southern wall and stop it?

You know what I think is juvenile?

Going into one thread and virtue signaling one’s concern for the children, while simultaneously self-righteously attempting to implicate people as racists over daring to call out the UK government for jailing a guy for covering the trial of child rapists and expecting people not to recognize it for what it is.

If it’s been going on this long, why wasn’t it already addressed and fixed? Why was this immigration can just kicked down the road so that “we” are still addressing this problem?

Nice. Our government takes kids hostages now until the taxpayers cough up the cash? SAD.

Holy crap! Is he holding the hostages in the White House?? Did someone call the police???

You’re the one that introduced that photo.

I’m sorry that I made the mistake of thinking you’d be a ■■■■■■■ adult and be willing to discuss it further. My bad.

I’m ticked that ICE is being forced into this situation where it should have already been addressed decades ago and I blame both parties…equally. I’m just glad that Trump is finally addressing it. Maybe now, parents will stop being the root cause of this problem.

If what has been going on this long?

…or until parents stop attempting to illegally cross our border?

Bwahahahaha ha ha

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Oh…you don’t comprende?

What “quietyl faded?”

What about the kids that are already here who have been separated from their parents?

Are you supporting the separation of children from their parents?

Just clarify what you were talking about when you said “If it’s been going on this long”.

You can do that, can’t you?