Trump now holding Missing Immigrant Children Hostage

Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines about the 1500 missing children taken from the border. Perhaps you’ve seen the stories of ICE pulling undocumented families apart (many of which are here legally seeking asylum) and ripping the children from their parents. Maybe you’re rightfully horrified at the actions taking place on our border. Well, guess who decided to weigh in.

I don’t think there’s any other way to read that than holding these children Hostage.

consevatives dont care. once the child is born they have no use for them…

Thank goodness we finally have a President who wants to defend our border.
Amnesty can be applied for in Mexico and a determination made.

Dems…stop using children as a smokescreen.


He should really have someone proofread his tweets if he’s going to claim to use the best words

He just sounds like an idiot

Does President Punkinhead not realize Republicans hold Senate and House and are doing nothing?

The stupidity will ring through the ages, as future citizens look back at this Republican so-called president. Thanks Donnie!

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What does this response have to do with the lie in Trump’s tweet?

They don’t stop with smokescreens. The progressive liberals have learned from their allies in the Mideast how to effectively use children.

I’m pretty sure my 12yo could sound more intelligent if I got him a Twitter account.

Then again its to be expected for der trumpengroper to recruit more anti immigrant officials from pseudo intellectual organizations like the center for immigration studies. Expect more draconian nativist policies to creep in with this administration.

A new low for you.

You are likely too critical.He probably sounds fine without one.

Palestinians put offensive rocket launchers in school yards. Israel destroys offensive rocket launchers. Kids get hurt. Palestinians say “look at what Israel did and holds up dead bodies”. Libs condemn Israel.

Libs seem to be fine with this arrangement.

Only in your diseased mind.

this confirms what I say

That is literally what Trump is doing in this tweet!

Are you saying Trump is as bad as the Terrorist organization Hamas?

I agree.



I’m not into separating anyone. Build a wall and keep them all together.

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Amazing how quiet this movement went once it was discovered that the photos were from 2014.


Yeah, it’s aaaaalllllll about the children. :roll_eyes:

Were those kids taken away from their parents and kept separated from their parents by ICE the way they are doing today?

Do you like what our government is doing today with these kids?