Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination forged TWICE, committee reports

The Nobel Peace Prize committee says it has uncovered two forged nominations to get Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize. Oslo police are investigating. Both are believed to have originated from the same person in the United States.

OK. 'Fess up. :slight_smile:

Trump got caught. Twice.

like libs are above a false flag op

The Russians did it.

Fake news.

Yeah, they were wearing American flag masks to disguise themselves.

Fake nominations. Two of them.

Fake post.

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I just had a great idea for Joel Embiid.

They can’t be fake. They were signed by David Dennison and notarized by Michael Cohen.

Or maybe signed by John Miller.

Or maybe it was John Barron.

Anwhoooooo…toooootally legit.


Totally. :wink:

Washington Post story with more info on the fake nominations.

Maybe it was trump’s biggest ass kisser David Nunes.

Trump nominated himself…