Trump new this what libs are talking about?

Talk about left-wing conspiracy…this brings it to all new level. I’ve heard so whoppers before but this really takes the cake. And twitter is allowing it.

Do forum libs buy into this ■■■■■

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Talk about an unhinged conspiracy theory. :roll_eyes:

Yet these guys want to be the arbiters of what is truth and what is lies.


Funny…My GF’s co worker is a big Trumper, and that’s all the woman been talking about. Shes been saying “You’ll see, Trump will still be POTUS after Wednesday”…So it goes both ways.

I don’t think this it the relight equivalency. The super super corrupt doj unsealed documents showing planning and that there the investigations are of right wing militias.

So what will be the narrative when there’s no violence other than the antifa/ blm horse ■■■■ that is acceptable and a bunch of boys are rounded up for sitting around dressed in camo drinking PBR?
Enlisting “you” to spy on your neighbors is a reckless move IMHO. That’s a good way to get someone hurt.

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I doubt the author really believes this. If he does then he is just laughable.

More like TDS that extends to anyone who supported Trump. Just because people attend rallies doesn’t make them domestic terrorists or part of an army.

Although I do recall quite a few people being harassed when leaving rallies.

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They were being “peacefully” harassed.
Mff Mff

When it isn’t. It will be lone wolves. Always with the lone wolves.