Trump needs you now more than ever. Vote yes to show and record your support!

Clearly, a deep state plot is afoot to remove our president because he is willing to do anything for us to defeat the demoncrats.

Let’s use this poll to chisel our names into the record and let him know we stand with him!

Do you stand by our President Trump and wish him to continue his efforts against the demoncrats to MAGA !?

  • Yes
  • No

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False Choice. I prefer to sit, so I don’t stand by anybody.


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“Free your mind, and your ass will follow.”


Mr. President, the country stands with you against all enemies - foreign and domestic :us:

I am genuinely sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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What is it with the left and wanting to hold voters responsible for the way they voted? Has this tactic of trying to publicly shame people ever changed anyone’s voting pattern before?

What do you think I’m doing here? I can’t go bopping fools on the head, society doesn’t like that. So best I can get is doing it here.

Also, not to drag it out, but I’m going to go ahead and assume I’m to the right of you in relation to our political philosophy. Republicanism and conservatism completely divorced themselves from each other about 2 years ago. Things weren’t great before then, but the republicans went and chose a New York liberal TV guy over conservative candidates.


I would have considered myself a libertarian a few years ago, these days I am all over the place on issues. I would even be for a socialized healthcare system based more on the Norway model if they would crack down on illegal immigration and insourcing/outsourcing of American jobs.

These are the issues that matter to me. I have said this before on these forums I voted for then senator Obama in 2008 because of his firebrand rhetoric against outsourcing of American companies. I like Trumps positions on some of these issues but I don’t like Trump. Thing is the democrats went balls to the wall full throttle to the left on migration and border security. Conservatives have no home on the national level.


I think red hats should be glued on.


Most of Trump’s supporters don’t stand so much as kneel, somewhere in the region of his ass -easier to kiss it that way.

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Seems like another socialist trick. Yes, I stand with Trump. But if someone calls me on my phone, I’ll say I hate him. Man o day, I left this place before because of the socialist/commie infestation. So sorry I even fell for this shame of a ‘vote thread’. I’ll be more careful next time.

In fact, I change my vote. BIDEN ALL THE WAY!!!

It’s not about defeating the Democrats, it’s about the crimes commited!

Current investigations into Obama scandals should be your first clue.

It was Obama who taught us…elections have consequences.

I have that theme bandied about here quite a bit, “we need to hold his supporters accountable” etc. sounds like a threat to me.


Please, conservatives have never been a majority of republicans, unless you count social conservatism, certainly not fiscal or constitutional conservatives.

As if belittling people will change their opinions. It looks like everything that was done wrong in 2016 it is being doubled down on today. From condemning voters for holding what they perceive as holding the wrong opinions, and doubling down on the PC nonsense must people can’t stand.

Politics has become a religion and those who hold the wrong views must atone for their sins.


Proud ‘deplorable’ here!

They want us fired and shunned socially, only fly in their ointment is nobody is looking over your shoulder in the voting booth.

Your fake impeachment is going nowhere’s.

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Are you a nowhere man?