Trump needs to get the men to turn out on Nov

It seems that woman turnout of about.

"In recent elections, voter turnout rates for women have equaled or exceeded voter turnout rates for men. Women, who constitute more than half the population, have cast between four and seven million more votes than men in recent elections. In every presidential election since 1980, the proportion [of] female adults who voted has exceeded the proportion of made adults who voted."1

In examining the previous Presidential election years, including and prior to 2016, the numbers bear out the point. Of the total voting-age population:1

  • In 2016, 63.3% of women and 59.3% of men voted. That’s 73.7 million women and 63.8 million men—a difference of 9.9 million votes.
  • In 2012, 63.7% of women and 59.8% of men voted. That’s 71.4 million women and 61.6 million men—a difference of 9.8 million votes.
  • In 2008, 65.6% of women and 61.5% of men voted. That’s 70.4 million women and 60.7 million men—a difference of 9.7 million votes.

Now looking at polling data it seems higher percentage of men are willing to vote for Trump…but the problem is they’re less likely to turn out.

This will be the ticket for Trump to clearly win this election despite the games libs are trying to pull.

Straight heterosexual males (men) needs to step up to the plate and save this country from silly Pillsbury boys that’s ruining this country.

I plan on it…


And we do that by showing them these stats that women are voting in greater numbers - so polling places have a good ratio, not just a lame sausage fest

Already voted. You’re welcome.


I think it’s voters suppression that is going on to discourage real men from voting.

Define real men. Am I a real man?

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Yep. Me too.


Real men vote for an alpha.

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There is only one Pillsbury boy that I am saving this country from. Just one…

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If you have to ask.

Hmm…that might make a great meme here. :thinking:

Stay puff not pillsbury


More of a Stay-Puft that one.

Once a goofy Marketing ploy turned malevolent spirit of destruction

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Agreed. That is exactly what I plan on doing! Good suggestion!


Still my wife’s favorite movie…

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One of the funniest ever made.

Dogs and Cats Living in Sin…

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Ha!!! Too late lol i think we just crossed streams

Hmm…that’s almost racist…a white Pillsbury doughboy.

OK…I’m starting to derail my own thread here.

Who are “real men”?

This Election Day, me and my giant, Harry Johnson*, will save us from the little bitches** and, for that matter, our queer problem***.

*My next door neighbor is a huge man named Harry Johnson. When he came to my New Year’s Party, my friends referred to him as my giant.
**Harry and I are actively campaigning for a new local head of animal control, who has a very strong pro-spay platform for stray female dogs.
***We are also looking forward to our vote for a sheriff who has pledged to crack down on counterfeiting.

(I’m 99% sure this will be deleted, but I’m 100% sure it’s my best writing in months)