Trump narcissism on display?

So 15 other world leaders sign the proclamation at the bottom as is tradition. Maybe he was last and didn’t think there was enough room at the bottom? Or was he first and picked his spot?

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Small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but the optics are so typically Donald.

Unbelievable. What a tool.

usa today…

do any people still think that is a newspaper vs the leftist idiot rag that it is?

What does the paper in question have to do with what Trump did? We aren’t talking about an opinion here. It’s a photo.

I hear it makes a good bird cage liner.

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“OMG Donald was joking!”


they made you think it’s news worthy

ha. if you even want it in your house

Good point. I bet none of these guys complaining about our President had a problem with the huge ego displayed by Obama for 8 years.

Just add it to the already distressingly long list of embarrassing things Trump has done to harm our nation’s reputation around the world.

Daily Caller, OK?

they used to say becoming president was a step down for obama. like he descended from the clouds


lol. why dont you read it and tell me

then ponder why the idiot media’s coverage of trump is 90’s percent negative

Who is they? Who ever said becoming President was a “step down” for Obama?

Because his behavior is more than 90% negative.


Oooh- snappy rejoinder there.
This is just factual reporting. He did sign at the top. I guess somebody took his Sharpie away.

“But Obama!”


“Donald was joking!”

“Lib media is stoopit!”



He acted like he believed that himself.

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Why can’t media report this little incident with positive spin?

“Donald signs D-Day proclamation at the top, putting himself (and therefore America) back on top!”