Trump Names Mar-A-Lago Member And Handbag Designer As Ambassador

Only the best people…


Wasn’t there someone here who made a thread yesterday about crony capitalism and the Democrats? I mean I know this is pure patronage which is a tradition in the presidency. But for ■■■■■ sake. Can we have at least a little bit of intellectual honesty around here?

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Trump is obviously playing 5D intergalatic chess with these appointments.

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You’re asking for a lot.

Cool cool cool. This is completely normal.

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and to think republicans were once upset about “community organizer”.

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At least she’s blond.

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Well, if anyone in South Africa needs advice on handbag design, the US will be obliging…

It’s a tradition. There’s some info on the practice.

Max Baucus for example.

yeah. that’s the ticket Trump. Nominate a blond white woman to be ambassador to South Africa. Nothing wrong with that picture. Optics are golden for this one. No one could ever be concerned about this nomination would they?

Depending on the appointment, yes.

This is normal.

Plum job appointments, particularly in regards to ambassadorships, have been around for centuries.

I liked the comment about Ireland and Lebanon in the link I posted.

Yep, it’s always been this way.

It’s just a method of formalised corruption, which in and of itself is not always a bad idea imo.

It worked for kings and queens.

Patronage always works.

Take that away and things completely go to ■■■■■ Look what happened to Boehner.

Not like the current Congress conducts proper oversight over anything Trump does anyway. Luckily, in a few weeks the fun for Trump ends.

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A wealthy donor selected to be an ambassador. That’s never happened before.

Its a new outrage over nothing every few hours.

Hard to disagree.

Who’s outraged? We’ve having a discussion. If it bothers you so much, you have options.

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You are a good poster and an asset to this forum. You ever get down my way, beer is on me.