Trump moves to abolish Unions at DoD

More looking out for the “Forgotten man”

“This flexibility requires that military and civilian leadership manage their organizations to cultivate a lethal, agile force adaptive to new technologies and posture changes. Where collective bargaining is incompatible with these organizations’ missions, the Department of Defense should not be forced to sacrifice its national security mission and, instead, seek relief through third parties and administrative fora.”

Although it is not yet clear how Esper might use his new authority, a 2017 White House memo advocated “eliminating employee unions” at the Defense Department as part of a multi-pronged effort to weaken organize labor. Several other ideas floated in that document have since made it into administration policy actions and proposals

Little guy…totally for the little guy

Even FDR realized how having public sector unions was a disaster in the making.

Good Move Mr. Trump.

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Is there anything he’d do that wouldn’t be a good move in your eyes?

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Lots of things. His Criminal Justice reforms I think will prove to be a disaster in the future.

When you start dumping large numbers of felons out of the jails and prisons you pretty well guarantee rising crime rates will follow.

Because what good have labor union ever done for America…

They had outlived their usefulness fifty years before you were even born and we’re specifically talking about unions for gov’t workers here who also have such things as civil service protections.

Federal gov’t employees are some of the most protected on the planet, it’s almost impossible to fire them except for the most egregious conduct and serious crimes.



Yeah this is definitely gonna stand up. Lol