Trump Mocks His Own Supporter

You can’t make this stuff up, seriously. At his New Hampshire rally last night, Trump mistakenly fat-shamed one of his own supporters.

The rally was interrupted about a half an hour in by a handful of protesters near the rafters of the arena. As the protesters were being led out, a Trump supporter wearing a “Trump 2020” shirt near them began enthusiastically shaking his fist in a sign of support for the president.

But Trump mistook him for one of the protesters and said to the crowd: “That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home. Start exercising. Get him out of here, please.”

After a pause, he added, “Got a bigger problem than I do.”


Trump has apologized to his supporter with the “weight problem”. He’s even going on Fox and Friends!!! Who says fairy tales aren’t real.

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Funny he found out he was a supporter everything is all good

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Cool. Frank Dawson is the best thing that has ever happened to this country.

Good to know.


Fat Donald was telling someone to exercise?





Fox and Friends, right on the top news of the day.

He appears to be the new version of the guy Cheney shot in the face.


We need to have a thread titled “UnPresidential things our President said today”


I can’t imagine what kind of life that must be like. Where the president acts like a child, shames you, is rude to you, but it’s all good, because the President of the United States just thought I was someone who didn’t support him. I love him! He’s the best!


“Thank you Sir, may I have another!?”


“Look at my overweight supporter over there! Isn’t he great? He’s so great. Greatest fat guy since probably Dom Deluise, I don’t know. It’s what many people have said. We need more fat people. We need them. Sign of prosperity, when you think about it. Get him a McDonald’s gift certificate on his way out, would you? He deserves a break today. That’s funny, right? It’s so funny, because that used to be their slogan. Good times. Good times, folks!”


He apologized? Libs said it was impossible.

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I thought we weren’t supposed to care about gaffes?

Oh…that’s just with Biden.

If you can call making fun of someone’s weight a “gaffe”. Sure.


I PROMISE you the above quote will be said (Or tweeted) directly to Trump as some point in the near future.

It was a total gaffe - he was mocking someone he thought was an opponent, not a supporter. Once he realized the overweight fellow was on his side, Donald apologized.



The Trump presidency in a nutshell. Also funny because Trump is fat as ■■■■■


You think this was a gaffe?

And how do you feel about trump making fun of this guy until he found out he was a supporter?

Trump isn’t fat…

He’s Presidentially fluffy.



Do you mean Joe Biden?