Trump mocks 16 year old girl

I thought he only hit back when attacked.

Is this appropriate for the POTUS?

Somebody please explain what good this does the USA.

Maybe Trump does read these forums. :rofl:

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Seems about par for the course. The Trumpists here have said worse. I guess that’s now a part of their political philosophy.

It seems a bland comment. Condescending perhaps.

Considering what Trump says about others, I can’t characterize his tweet as “mocking” or “trolling” or any of the other negative adjectives I’ve seen around the internet.

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That 16 year old girl was asking to be mocked by her actions. She deserves everything coming to her. If you treat the president fairly then good things will come to you. If you aren’t fair to the president - well that would be a shame, a real shame. I don’t want to say bad things will happen to you if you aren’t fair, but sometimes you don’t know what will happen. Should have just been fair in the first place.


Is anyone surprised? Anyone? Mocking 16 year old girls on social media is what we’ve come to expect from the leader of the Republican party. It’s who he is, a troll.


Just remember, the only reason Trump is allowed to keep doing these kinds of things is because his supporters actively support his trolling. This is on his supporters. They approve of 71 year old mean trolling 16 year old girls.


Mocking her? I don’t see that in what he said. Mocking is what half the people in this forum and 90% of the media do to him all day long.

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His clear sarcasm was an attempt to make fun of her.

Nope. That is not mocking. Mocking is being called Fat Donald. Saying you have a bright and wonderful future is not mocking.
That is why the criticism for this will always be that he was “mocking” her, and not quoting exactly what he said.

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And I suppose you think he is currently giving a wonderful speech to the UN?

So you believe his tweet was an attempt at praising her?

It’s obvious that Fat donald is mocking and trolling this girl and his boot lickers are following his lead.

This clown is a pastor?

They’re all following fat donald’s lead.

Attacking children, it’s what these idiots are all about.

It’s who they are …

Way to go Trump, you gave them exactly what they were after when they pushed her forward on this.


um… how is this mocking her?

Trump did bad thing, but it was the libs fault. Nice.