Trump melting down on Twitter again. What's about to break?

He’s really pissed that the media (who turned out to be correct on so many things that he said were lies) are covering him closely. You know, as President.

Here’s what he needs to do. Call Obama. Ask how he dealt with the 24/7 hounding from Republican Media. Then copy Obama.

Oh, and we know something is up. He telegraphs everything. We all need to watch closely for the next 30 days.

Whatever it is, it probably won’t even take 30 days to break - I’d watch for something in the next week or 2.

What? Now libs are shocked at hearing the truth? Have lib lies really been so much a part of lib reality that the truth is now foreign to them?


i hate that Trump has made so many bad things normal for a President. him acting like a punk on Twitter constantly is below the office of our President.


This so-called president would be fired in a New York second in the private sector. He’s such a trolling baby. It’s embarrassing.


yeah, that’s true.

my guess is most Trump voters don’t let their kids act like that on Social Media.

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I noticed Trump’s last tweet this morning was “keep America great.” Now, I’m a bit confused. I thought we were suppose to be making America great again. If it is great already, why does it need to be great again?

Oh, and for the record, I already thought America was great before Trump ran for office. I never was sure why he thought it was such an awful place that needed to be made great agains…


Truth must have some extra sting in it this AM.

Oh…I see correspondents dinner coming up and the snub hurts more every year.

Focus on the border…Trump can.


You forget that he made billions before he decided to serve as President or just would like to wish away his top 0.001% accomplishment standard?

Let us know when you hit that first billion.


Some call it a Twitter meltdown, others call it making America great again.

I don’t believe he made billions, he’s a liar. He’s lost more than he ever made, that appears to be more true, as American banks will have nothing to do with the grifting shyster.

his slogan has always been directed only at certain Americans. so if you substitute those groups in the slogan (replace the “America”) it then makes sense.

How do we know he made billions? His say so?

well, his dad was paying him $3 Million (i think that’s the number) a year as a 2yo.

so, that’s probably a net worth of $54,000,000 by the time he was 18. what was your allowance?


Lol when he puts on his phony tough guy grift, always remember these pitiable febrile over-emotional weak little Twitter plaints. This is his true, weak little soul.

It’s like he doesn’t realize the whole world can see these bleats.


Ah yes…like the great social media whores of yesteryear

He inherited it.

I remember when republicans lost their minds when Obama joined twitter now they just shrug off Trumps Twitter blow outs… Crazy times

Maybe the House finally has fat donald’s taxes. :man_shrugging:

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Maybe fat donald just found out he’s at 37% approval rating? :man_shrugging: