Trump: "media has been unbelievably unfair to Republicans, conservatives, and certainly to me"

He’s simply not a leader after the most horrible assassination attempt in US history. We don’t need a whiner at the moment. We need a Reagan to pull the country together.

For God Sakes the rabid Trump Supporter attempted to murder multiple US Presidents. Does the man in the White House have no shame?

Trump is King Snowflake.

His verbal diarrhea is getting really old. Time to impeach this pile of ■■■■.

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Of course he’s a leader - no one else has been more forceful in these vicious and appalling attacks…against Donald by the very very mean and very very unfair fake news media. When will people give this tragedy the attention it deserves?

Thank goodness these assassination attempts were not successful. But who knows if the next ones will be or not, as Trump will continue to promote this victimization and persecution complex, seeking to further divide the nation, and further incite the deranged among his supporters to act out with more success this next time.

He has proven time and time again that he is no leader. And it is quite disgusting that even after the most brazen multiple assassination attempts in US history is finally stopped, that it is STLL not enough to make him recognize the gravity of his role as President, or the effect his words have. He is clearly too stupid and too arrogant of a man to ever get it.

I’m continuously disgusted by him and am so thankful to not be on the wrong side of history here. Because history will be harsh to Trump and his complicit followers. Very, very harsh.


Talk about a narcissist-in-chief!

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This will either be the period where America almost became a dictatorship - or the era where it did.

Those chanting MAGAheads need to decide where the hell they stand. With the Authoritarian Mad Man - or with the ideals of America. You cannot be both.

This was the line in the sand. The absolute last chance to turn back. If you don’t, you. Are. Complicit.


They will just double down. It’s what they do.

Absolutely. No more equivocation. No more trying to say that a single comment from someone on the left is the exact same as the constant daily drumbeat from Trump and the right. No more whataboutism with trying to compare the Scalise shooter to this MAGABomber. They are not comparable. Trump’s daily…DAILY…rhetoric is designed to divide, incite, enrage and generate fear and hostility towards anyone he perceives to be his opposition, which he then labels as an enemy. The connotation is clear to anyone with two working brain cells that can be rubbed together.

The natural progression of this hateful, divisive rhetoric has now played out with one of his followers, who would have never known who James Clapper, John Brennan, or Maxine Waters even were, if had not been for Trump’s direct attacks against them, to attempt the largest assassination in US History, including attempting to murder two former Presidents.

This is the line. If you support Trump, you are supporting the actions of Trump, which lead to these other heinous actions. If you support the GOP while they are all-in supporting Trump, you are also supporting Trump and his actions. There are no more pro-GOP, anti-Trump stances that can be taken without being seen as a sheer hypocrite. Trump is the GOP. To support them is to support Trump, PERIOD.


Two former Conservative reporters on hateful rhetoric.

But I’m sure we’re about to get some asinine posts about Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting yelled out in a restraint.


My man Rick Wilson spitting truth here:


Maybe we’re all just elaborate set pieces for a Reality TV style remake of Pink Floyd’s The Wall?

Poor Donald. He’s a billionaire and the POTUS and he wants us to feel sorry for him.

It always has to be about him, doesn’t it?

Whaaaaa! Whiney MAGA-in-chief crying like a baby. Someone change his diaper and shove a binkie in his cake hole.


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Why isn’t the media reporting on all the “bombs” being sent to Republicans, conservatives, and Trump? This is completely unfair.

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This is why I am hoping that the blue wave is for real and that the Republicans take a shellacking in the mid-terms. Perhaps then the Republicans on the hill will stand up to Trump. I do believe that there are some fine old Republicans who desperately want their party back.
I was flabbergasted today when Trump said that he was going to take a pass at calling Obama or Clinton.
Any other president would have been on the phone in a heartbeat.

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The democrats are gonna have to get 10 times more nasty than Donald Trump. I see it coming. Everybody just needs to wait and watch it play out. It is going to be ugly.