TRUMP: Maxine Waters Now the ‘FACE OF THE DEMOCRATS’ Heading into Midterms | Sean Hannity

President Trump called-out firebrand congresswoman Maxine Waters earlier Tuesday, saying the liberal legislator is now the “face of the Democrats” heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

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Well, there’s a juicy dog whistle for all the “good-people” white supremists and Alt-Righties.

The vast majority of Americans have never heard of Maxine Waters.

lol anyone with brains knows who MAX is! she is called ( the devils advocate ) and hillary is ( the devil )
bye bye dems i really think the good americans are tired of the dems garbage and november will show what is to come. i am thinking the dems will get pounded again very hard for screwing with donald trump. even foreign people know trump is trying his best to make america great again after the dems and others all most distroyed it!

Tragically stupid. Horribly ugly. Born to be an embarrassment. Whoever said all men are created equal never met this women.