Trump manages to screw up diplomatically in troop visit

Slipping into and out of Iraq like we still occupy the place, and without visiting the prime minister (although he did speak with him by phone and a F2F visit was planned but scrapped) has angered the leaders of one of the two main blocs of Iraq’s parliament, who are now calling for complete US withdrawal from the country.

Imagine if we had a functioning State Department that could smooth over little ruffles like this?

Who knew running a superpower would be so difficult?

Maybe if he’d offered them some deals or a slot on Celebrity Apprentice…

Who knew foreign relations could be so complicated?

“Low-energy Iraq and its dopey leaders upset that I didn’t stop to talk to them. Up your ratings and then we’ll talk - covfefe!”

These so - called Iraqi politicians are obviously a part of the “deep state™” who are on a witch hunt.

Trumps gonna give Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan to Russia as friendly gift

I just don’t know how long it will take our nation to fully recover from the constant assault of norms by this man. The next President will have their hands full. That’s for sure.

Hes definitely lowered the bar

He is surrounded by idiots and morons. And they are being led by the biggest idiot of all.


He dropped the bar into the Mariana Trench. Lol

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