Trump Makes War With Canada

Only a moron like Trump would make enemies out of Canada but wants us to be nice to Putin and Russia.


Was eloquence. What tact. What dignity. :roll_eyes:

Master negotiator at work people. Stand back!


The very communique the white house said the US signed on?

I think the White House reported that he and Trudeau were close to a deal on the tariffs. Not sure about the communique.

Cant talk big at g7 cries obln twitter

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Bring it lol

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There is literally nothing that Trump does not have the ability to ■■■■ up. Nothing.

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they said that about Churchill too.

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Canada? Seriously, its the equivalent of pissing off Uruguay.

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Churchhill as one of the worst Prime Minsters in British History, he was only good at giving speeches sucked at running a government.

of course. Libs hate him. You didn’t even need to chime in. His most important job was to lead a nation to victory… not play Robert’s Rules of Order and pick up teams for political dodgeball at the same time.

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Britain was still at war in 1950?

Churchhill was so good at governing he was fired twice.

after the war, he checked out. Not sure why you would even mention his post war position.

war with Canada? take off you hoser

His post war position as Prime Minster of Britian? not sure why that would be important to his legacy, and he didn’t check out he was fired.

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and reviled, mocked, ignored, called madman, racist, war monger, crazy

never calmed him any of those.
I called him a horrible at governing a country so much he was fired twice.