Trump makes plea to suburban women in Pennsylvania

“Suburban women, will you please like me?” the president pleaded with the crowd. “I saved your damn neighborhood.”

“I could come down and start kissing everybody,” he teased. “I’ll kiss every guy. Man and woman. Look at that guy, how handsome he is. I’ll kiss him. Not with a lot of enjoyment but that’s OK.”

Okay, I think he is starting to lose it altogether.

Sorry, but Biden is nuts.

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Lol loser knows he’s losing.

Way to treat it like a joke.

Suburban women, such as myself and so many others, kicking him to the curb in less than a month no mercy.


Oh I watched video, he’s just acting like a clown, people are sick of his clown show when they are suffering. Bye Donald try acting like a serious adult. Maybe show some reverence for 215000+ devastated families, is that too much to ask? Yes it is.


He was do condescending. Not a good look at all. He knows that he is going to lose this thing. And he is going to revert to kid logic. But I am scared of what he might do. Michael Cohen said a couple of weeks ago that Trump would do anything to win. Including starting a war. That is scary stuff.

Imagine a woman supporting her abuser to be POTUS. Meet Megyn Kelly.

“She had blood coming out of her eyes. Or blood coming out of her whereever,”

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This is just…sad. And fitting.

Suburban women take a dim view of mocking the elderly. Only sick people think bullies are cool. Trump’s retweets hurt him with voters but nobody can convince Trump.


please clap


Yeah, suburban housewives are going to go huge for Trump.

They hated seeing the biden/harris dimocrats rioting and spreading covid this summer. They don’t want to see that again.

And with biden/harris bailing all of the rioters out of jail…

This just might be the demo that puts Trump over the top.


Gooooooo America!!!

Get ready for the sky-screaming!!

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This isn’t going to help with the Senior vote either, and Trump is seriously under water with Senior voters. Typically GOP candidates run the table with Seniors to help them win, if they lose this vote there isn’t much chance for any GOP member to win.

The best thing about his plea was he was like, “please like me, I don’t really have any time to spend convincing you but just do it okay?” Lol.

White suburban women voted for the Dems 53% in 2018, there is little difference between the polling now and then. Which I actually find surprising, I would think that after 4 years of chaos and the botched COVID response the Dems would garner an even higher percentage, and they still might.

It was a very Jeb Bush “please clap” moment.

Hey don’t forget about your favorite suburban housewife me. I’m not voting Donald and neither are any of my suburban housewife friends. Not even the lady across the street who was a big Trump fan in 2016.

Go Joe!


You don’t live in a commune?

May I ask what state you live in?


I just love this place!

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Pitiful and pathetic, but also disturbing.

What in the what.

oh wait - this is another one of those “seriously, not literally” things, isn’t it.