Trump Major Election Victory

Even the republicans didn’t want Gingrich.

Having a photo with trump is not an indication of what someone “knows.”

Um…no. It’s been about 85% likely to remain GOP from the beginning.

Reason? Not enough GOP-held seats up for election this year.

FWIW, 538 predicts only a 15% chance of the Democrats flipping the Senate, so yeah. It would be a dramatic surprise.

Obama blamed the Democrats?

You knew what they meant, don’t be silly. :face_with_monocle:

And there it is. :roll_eyes:

A new Fox poll shows that Trump is more popular in the battleground states than the Republican Senate candidates in those states. North Dakota and Tennessee are the exceptions.
Any of the winning Republican Senators from those states are likely to be very deferential to Trump, IMO.

Donald’s going to pull these lame duck establishment Republicans over the finish line.

The good news is, once they realize he saved the House, the Senate, and their miserable careers they will be less inclined to thwart his will.

Sort of like Hillary losing. Democrats are still in denial over that loss.

He can stand on the shoulders of a giant alibi artist and blame:

  1. Comey
  2. Putin
  3. Sexism and misogyny
  4. The DNC
  5. Obama
  6. Bernie Sanders
  7. Wikileaks
  8. Women who voted like their husbands told them to
  9. Campaign financing
  10. Low-information voters
  11. TV coverage
    About 100 more excuses

No, I really don’t.

Your posts are running out of gas. Should have paced yourself.

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no matter what happens trump will claim a great victory.

The vast majority of people will be pulling the Democratic Party lever for their congressman.

It will prolly be around 54-46 or so.

How do you spin losing in a rout in the House.

Focus on the senate which looks like it is going to hold.


Which members of the Democratic Party are in denial.

Trumps been president two years.


His comments are already prepping for it (“As you know, my primary focus has been on the Senate.”) He’ll claim the GOP holding onto the Senate was due in no small part to his great campaign work, his brilliance, yada yada yada.

What’s sad is to think of the Democrats regaining control of the House, and then characteristically screwing up whatever advantage it might have bestowed.

What I’m more intrested in is if most Americans agree with Donald Trump, his message and how he delivers it. I think a ton of people do.

Polling by various outlets doesn’t indicate that most Americans agree with Donald Trump. The issue is if there are enough people to do anything about it.

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The “Not My President” crowd.