Trump Major Election Victory

She is like that lunatic aunt that has everything stuck in her purse including a wadded up tissue. To think Democrats will have her again to say some of the most bizarre statements, is a heartwarming moment. But just wait until she gets going, your fellow liberals here will be distancing themselves from her.

Not from me. I’ve been a Pelosi supporter for a good long time now. She does pretty much exactly what I want her to do, most of the time. So not only are both sides happy about her taking over, they’re calling it a heartwarming moment.

It’s rare when both sides reach agreement so readily. I’m going to take a break in order to enjoy this moment.

Based on how the liberals responded here about McConnell, 30% is good enough to put him out of Senate majority leader position. Him being able to keep his position bolsters well for his job approval.

That’s great because she was part of the reason why liberals lost the house the last time. Here’s to hoping Pelosi is consistent

As to your opinion: possibly so. But yes, if the midterms turn out the way many expect, I’m looking forward to her taking over again.

Your posts make me more chipper than most.

Lots and lots of voter fraud. It’s the only reason that Republicans lose elections.

I have no idea what other liberals have to do with your incorrect statement but the point stands. The Senate was a monumental hill to climb and the Republicans keeping it has much more to do with luck than anything McConnell did.

Thank you. Honestly I am not to disheartened by losing the house. If there was a leader in the house that we were able to fight for, I believe my sentiment would be different. We have watched the house wobble from one lousy leader to the next. Pelosi to Boehner to Ryan back to Pelosi. If there was a Gingrich in there would make this harder. Who knows this period with crazed Pelosi might jumpstart Republicans to find a good leader.

Good old Newt, railing against Clinton and his transgressions while Newt was telling his dying wife to shove off, Newt was having an affair with someone else.

This is far from luck. There is a good possibility we will see a couple seats flip to Republican.
Should the Senate stay Republican I believe that is enough for time magazine to give McConnell man of the year.

Of course. How could I have forgotten the voter fraud?

No, it’s a lot to do with luck. Again, over 80% of Senate Republicans aren’t even up for election.

That’s about as lucky as you can get.

John Edwards had the same problem and you guys were going to make him vice president.

When did those allegations surface?

No- the GOP has been likely to keep the Senate the entire time.

If the Republicans come out on top Trump and his supporters will give all credit to Trump. If the Republicans do badly then his supporters on this forum will say a) It was nothing to do with Trump or b) Republicans did much better than expected because of Trump.

Nothing and I mean nothing can ever be said to make dear leader look bad.


Difference is, after the story broke Edwards was done for. When Trumps continued scandals surfaced Republicans and Conservatives rallied around him.

And from the other, perhaps majority view in this forum, the orange Orangutan can do nothing that doesn’t constantly prove him the enemy of the people.
I just got a mailer frm my Congressman showing himself with a picture of Trump. He knows whether that works to his benefit or not.
The question is not whether Republicans keep the House or not, but whether Trump helps or hurts those chances. Overall, I’m not sure its that easy to tell. Individually, candidates who want to identify with him probably have a pretty good idea.

That’s not the only reason.

No, they didn’t. It doesn’t sound like you’re familiar with what is going on.