Trump looking to buy Greenland?

I’m fine with this. Please proceed.

Greenland? Sounds nice. Sounds like a place with many golf courses. Did anyone tell trump he’ll need chains for his golf cart wheels?

That’s already built. It’s in Pyongyang. Nicknamed the hotel of doom. It was built, it’s 1000 feet high, but it’s unoccupied.

I’m genuinely wondering who told Trump Greenland exists.

Trump ice palace

As long as mineral rights are included there is very little downside.

Might be a place where we can send asylum seekers while they await their hearings.

Do people even know what Seward’s folly is?

Trump outflanks his critics yet again.


Ice will be gone.

People will starve, but US farmers have nobody to sell to.

They are walking zombies of confliction.


The President outflanks his critics buy proposing something that is never going to happen.



Dang… Not for sale…

The President is going to outflank that… just you watch.

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Ahh- the Mercator projection.

Likely Trump would like to buy Greenland just to put his name in the history books. Preferable name would be The Trump Purchase.

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It is a clever move as China tries to corner the market on rare earth metals, Trump looks to what is available.

Is it painful to be wrong so often?


He has done nothing, and he will do nothing.


How is proposing something that is never ever ever ever going to happen a clever move?

It is strange this notion of who is wrong and who is right.

There is no move. It’s not in the realm of happening.


Saf explained how it would work and it is a clever idea.

Good to see you post through the pain of wrongfulness.


That isn’t happening either.

Really weird to claim some sort of victory over something that isn’t ever going to happen.

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Life is full of complex oddities and often opportunities if you can see them.

Too bad you cannot.


The President is said to pursue something that is not going to happen, it is being praised as genius and the people who are rightfully saying that it was never going to happen are being derided as being the dumb ones.

It is bonkers.