Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free Even After You Are Dead

Frankly, I haven’t tuned into any of the Maverick John McCain Farewell Show. I change the channel or deftly FF. So, I have only the word of writer Nolte in his arkle below. I trust Nolte.

I kinda like this tweet from the Shlikter person. Sorta sums up the whole event.
Kurt Schlichter :heavy_check_mark: @KurtSchlichter

I note that, thanks to his enemies, Trump - without even trying - managed to be the star of the McCain funeral.

And a lot of people in the establishment in the press think today was a victory for them.



Even as John McCain boards the comet and begins his infinite journey out of our galaxy, the last image he was conscious of was Trumpus MAGA… Forever burned into his ectoplasm.

Yep. Trumpus MAGA. Eternal. Brightly shining in the old cosmos. Etc.


Poor trumpists

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No, he was nothing more than a sad, pathetic little footnote.

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Who managed to make himself look even sadder and more pathetic while taking many of his supporters lower, as well.

That’s a weird definition of “without even trying” that’s for sure.

I mean these are adults who straight up think the real world is like mean girls. And that the good guys in mean girls were the mean girls.

Lol they talked about trump at McCain’s funeral because he’s so popular so he wins the funeral!

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Anybody remember Paul Wellstone’s memorial in 2002 I believe?
It turned into a political pep rally and ultimately had the opposite affect for which it was intended.

You can’t try to use someones death for political advantage intentionally. If it gets overdone, it backfires.

Its time to just bury the Senator.


This is it…precisely!

The death of John McCain showed what decent people used to inhabit the GOP and now what vile garbage is infecting it now.

Didn’t you have to wait until Sean and Rush came back and told you what to think?

Thanks bro BH. I would have themed my piece above after Wellstone but I couldn’t remember the daddrabbed name. So I settled for what I did.

No. The rest on here wouldn’t have a clue about Wellstone. Things never change in libworld do they?

Meghan gave a heartfelt tribute to her father and although I disagreed with his politics, I have NOTHING negative to say about the unconditional love of family. She did a wonderful job and her father would have been proud but Senator McCain is now laid to rest.

If by “backfiring” you mean Coleman, a converted Democrat, barely beat washed-up Walter Mondale and then lost to Al Franken 6 years later, then OK…

If rinos is the standard then yeah McCain fits. But for me watching tenure congressman outlive their political life is more cause to push term limits

Trumpkins are the real rinos.

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Precisely. Trump tends to change political parties every few years, depending on what is most profitable to him at any given moment.

Trump is a very visible disgrace. That’s all.

Why is it that life’s perennial Obama worshiper losers way down there feel honor bound to harass us happytrumpy winners way up here? Never figgered that one out and ain’t working too hard to figger it out. Jes a curiosity.

Pointing out that you equate boorishness and crashness with “straight talk leadership”, false machismo as manliness, and rudeness as being “brave and open-minded” is not harrassing you.

It’s simply calling you out for what you are.

Why are you specifically calling me out for anything? I didn’t call you out. Unless you feel you fit my general description above…natch.