Trump limbo's under low bar set by Obama

I warned you guys on the left, you wouldn’t like it when the shoe was on the other foot and a Republican President used the power of the executive to investigate one of your candidates. Did you listen, nope. You can scream all you want about this being different but the bottom line is this. Republican voters are convinced Obama did it to their candidate and they aren’t going to green light Republican senators to impeach a President for returning the favor.

Yes, yes I know, Obama didn’t get his hands dirty and had his henchman do the dirty work, that makes it ok.

I am going to enjoy the attempts at drawing limp parallels between this and the 2016 election.

It is going to be entertaining


tHe DeEp StAtE

It’s ok to pay Russians for dirt on your opponent as long as you launder it through your lawyers and an “opposition research” firm, and then have the DOJ and FBI launder the information through the courts while lying about having verified it and never informing the courts of the source.

I don’t think you understand, whether or not you agree there is any equivalency, he will remain in office until voted out of it or term limited because of the precedent Obama set. Without it, he’d be gone.

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Xactly. Get used to it, it’s the new normal, Presidential candidates are going to have run the gauntlet of US intelligence and law enforcement under the direction of the opposition from now on. The Precedent has been set and it was Obama, not Trump, who set it.

The Trump campaign was being investigated because they were actively crimeing in real time while an attack on our election was taking place by a hostile foreign government.

So to draw a parallel between that and Biden is really really stupid.


Better call bob. He might want to know this secret information you’re holding.

Again, you are failing to grasp the point. Republican voters disagree with your rationalization, they saw a President unleash our intelligence and federal law enforcement on their candidate and they aren’t going to remove him for returning the favor.

You know what?

If the Trump 2020 campaign did it on its own without the apparatus of the DOJ and attorney general being brought along into it… I would have no problem with Giuliani mucking around Ukraine stirring up dirt.

You see the line that was crossed yet?


Republican voters are not the ones that Democrats are concerned about.

Trump has a floor of around 35%

There is a lot of wiggle room outside of that.

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This like a hailmary?


Again, not understanding the point, it has nothing to do with whether you think a line was crossed. You can rationalize it all day, it won’t remove Trump from office. Had the Obama administration not opened an investigation on Trump, he’d be out on his ear for this.

Eh…not really…

Investigating why Trump surrounded himself with people who had shady, often criminal ties to foreign entities is exactly the same as Trump shaking down the Ukrainian government to help him manufacture dirt on a political opponent.

Thanks for the false equivalency lesson Mr Not Technically Illegal.


Was it obama or clinton? Or both? Neither? Maybe it was gumby? You guys keep flailing around blaming people

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I mean… this whole whistleblower thing just goes to show that the behavior during the 2016 campaign was probably super shady.


I don’t think you understand who that “middle” or undecided voter is, psst, they primarily vote Republican.

Well this has all been shown to be false.

What is “crimeing” exactly?

Perhaps you could remind us how many members of the Trump campaign/administration have been indicted or jailed.