Trump Lies; He's the Only One

It’s cult.

Remember the outrage about Obama’s golfing?

How much they vacationed?

Once a D is in office they’ll spin themselves into the ground and still proudly exclaim about how conservatives are soooo much more honest than evil libs.

I do so love this place.

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Okay but what is the dog’s record and where does he or she stand on the issues? Running mate?

Probably some bitch as the running mate.

Correct. Trump is no better than Elizabeth Warren.

Now, 4 years ago, 8 years ago. It’s always been fine, as long it was your© party in power.

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Nor Barrack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, G.H.W Bush…etc, etc…

Trump is a total phony

Used to be a D and lousy at real estate investment.


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Thank god Warren’s out there to help me justify my love for Orange Man. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to try and do so only on his merits.

Trump should give his message in a cute yoga top.

If Donald shows up anywhere in a cute yoga top it’s proof the End Times are upon us.

True enough. Or he should stop in the middle of his speech and make a production out of going to grab a beer then come back and talk to us like he’s a common folk.

Trump used to be a D and is lousy at real estate investment.

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He’d ■■■■ it up, like he always does.

Very possible. Or it would be just as awkward as Warren’s attempt.

They didn’t elope.

The Mueller witness?

She claims that Bernie told her a woman could never be president. Bernie says it never happened. One of them is lying. Based on Liz’s history of whoppers, my money is on the Cherokee.


Nothing matters as long as she pisses off the cons.

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This one certainly stirred up the nest.

You have no clue what I want. Find another idol.