Trump Lies; He's the Only One

You shouldn’t have to create a false narrative to make it sound like you are one of the little guys you are “fighting for”.

I guess it is a good thing I was never planning on voting for her. If Democrats want to argue that integrity matters, they will need to demonstrate what it is, not just point out the lack of it in President Trump.

There was the fired while pregnant lie also.

Vote for Trump? You bet I will.

Trump had checked off every item I was looking for in 2016.

I look at his rhetoric as bombastic. He will stretch truth. He outright lies less than you think.

Trade deals… economy… immigration law enforcement.

Trump is performing for me.

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We all lie. Intent matters.

I will never vote for Warren.

I never voted for Trump and will never vote for him.

Hey guys Warren lied, therefore Trump remains Lord

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This is just sad.

I think you are incorrect here. And it’s provable.

It is. Lying only matters for one side.

Yep. Just like deficits and family values.

Me too! Dems are no different!

Hell Obama was re-elected after the lie of the year.

Claimed she was fired for getting pregnant too.

Lying doesn’t matter to Dems, why should it matter to me? If I support most of his positions?

I just emulate them.

Rich coming from an Obama supporter.

The party of principle strikes again!

Trump just admitted a mistake he made during his rally in WI.

He said he never should have said he would build the wall. If he had done that D would have insisted he build one.

He also used a brief interruption from a protester to seguay into the pro US Iranian protests refusing to step on flag.

Trump delivers.

8 years of Clinton, 8 more of Obama, and Hillary’s nomination.

The majority no longer care about trivialities such as character and honesty.

Go celebrate your win and live with the consequences.

Are you in this majority? I’m not.

I didn’t vote for hillary and voted johnson in 2012.

I bet you voted Trump though

You’d lose but then that’s what you do best.