Trump Lies; He's the Only One

How about Elizabeth Warren?

  1. Claimed her father’s family wouldn’t accept her mother because she is Indian. They had to elope. Lie, there was a wedding announcement in their paper and her mother claimed to be Indian. Claimed the family fought over it for years. Then she claimed her grandmother told her.

  2. Told a black woman her children went to public schools.

Well that’s 15,413 lies to 2…So ya got that going for ya…lol


That you will vote for her.

Blatant lying is fine now. No one cares.

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How does an announcement in the paper prove her father’s family accepted her mother? Maybe her mother’s family put the announcement in. or maybe, as I’ve seen dozens of times, the families put up a front for the wedding then never spoke to her again.

I’d vote for my neighbors dog over Trump…


And seriously - how could you possibly care about anyone lying at this point?


I would vote for your neighber dog over anyone libs here would support.


They weren’t lies…They were alternate facts.

So lying doesn’t matter. Cool.

Do you support Trump?

In some things. Some things I don’t. Do you support Warren?

I won’t vote for Warren.

Will you vote for Trump?

No. I can’t stand her. I’m a moderate democrat. She is orders of magnitude more honest than Trump, however.

Know who sounds like a real piece of ■■■■ liar? This guy:

This is not Nader’s first run-in with the law. He served six months after a 1991 guilty plea in Virginia to transporting child pornography.

Then in 2003, Nader was convicted in the Prague Municipal Court in the Czech Republic for sexually abusing boys. Facing 10 charges there, he served a year in jail in Prague before being expelled from the country.

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But even after that conviction, Nader arranged his first meeting with members of the Trump transition team in December 2016 at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

At the meeting, Nader met with Trump’s son in-in-law, Jared Kushner, then Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and the Emirati crown prince.

Hard to believe, right?

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Warren is a total phony.

Used to be a R and lousy at real estate investment.

He also gave money to Clinton in 2016.

OK. And still has lied far, far less than Trump. I guess that means you won’t be voting for him, right?