Trump lied about declassifying "russian hoax" docs

BREAKING: DOJ says WH did not send a declassification order re: Trump's tweets about "declassifying" all "Russia hoax" docs.

This is in response to 1 of 3 emergency motions @BuzzFeedNews & I filed.

— Jason Leopold (@JasonLeopold) October 13, 2020

Sorry for the twitter link, but this has not been picked up by the news outlets yet. Links to DOJ sworn testimony in the tweet.

Long of the short - DOJ says they got no order to declassify. Sought WH counsel on the subject. Were told the POTUS’s tweets did not constitute an order.

So, nothing done on teh subject.

Just another blank fired by a small handed president.

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Oh no!

It’s all over now.


Prepare yourself for the sky-screaming event of all-time.

I’m sure it will happen in two weeks.


Crazy how even the government ignores him now lol.


Trump lied? Get outta town.

Where the hell are the mass arrests? Nevermind, the DOJ is too busy acting like this crime family’s personal attorneys.

“Justice Department files complaint against Melania Trump’s ex-friend over tell-all book”


Didn’t devin nunes say this was the greatest scandal of all time? :rofl:


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President Dumbass.

You have to be so ■■■■■■■ gullible.


The greatest political crime in American history!
What a ■■■■■■■ clown. :rofl:

I can’t believe most of his supporters buy this ■■■■■

Sometimes you really make me laugh. Thanks.


BTW, where the hell is Bill Barr? Haven’t seen the fool for a while.

Quarantined. Has COVID most likely.

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Trump kissed him (where, I don’t know) and he had to quarantine.

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It seems some folk just love a clown show. In the wreckage of a sewage tanker. On fire. :clown_face:

Buh buh buh Biden!


Hopefully it’s the last time.

Trump died when he went to Walter Reed. Three days later . . . you figure it out.

Don’t get your hopes up. Trump is a disaster of a human being and a POTUS, but he’s just a buffoon fortunate enough to have conned enough people to exploit the disease. He loses next month and the majority of his supporters will lose their collective mind. Likely as not someone even worse than Trump will step up and promise them a return to freeberty, Christmas, and Norman Rockwell, and they’ll step over their own mothers to pledge fealty.

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You mean Pence might step up?

Lord Protector Hawley.

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Pence is about to become very, very happy this isn’t Shogunate Japan.