Trump Liberates Michigan!

just like against the Hessians!

at Trenton!

in 1776!!


well anyway those of you who don’t hate the US and actually learned and appreciate its history will appreciate this.



awe c’mon! this is funny!

busts on trump too…

dont worry you can still pretend i don’t know babs bee is satire.


Sure, but this is late May. That lake would have been a lot chillier on December 25th. :cold_face:

BTW, I thought you were going to say that crazy, power hungry, lying, hypocrite governor was booted out.

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We don’t need trump, we’re doing just fine.

that may yet be. she git her ass caught approving that tracing

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I did what I did with nearly every babylon link. Chuckled at the headline, no clicking, and moved on.

big mistake!

theres more worthy humor within