Trump less truthworthy than cohen

thats gotta hurt the orange narcisist

a new Quinnipac University poll found people trust cohen more than trump by 50-35
by a 64-24 margin people think trump committed crimes before he became president
by a 65-30 margin people dont think trumps trustworthy
58-38 say he doesnt have good leadership skills
58-40 dont like teh way trump is handling immigration
50-20 hes less honest than former presidents
54-27 people think mueller is conducting a fair investigation

and so on…
other than his core base americans think trump is a disaster

It would have never happened, but too bad it wasn’t R-biased Rasmussen.

56 percent agree with his handling of the economy. The other 44 percent are smoking weed.

And. 64 percent have not seen any evidence that the President commented a crime. They have simply been told everyday by the media for the past 2 1/2 years that he has. You can’t be convicted by poll.


Given a choice between Cohen and Trump, I’d probably believe Cohen as well. Although, to be fair, with those 2 it would be kind of a hard choice.

When ISIS was polled, they said that they preferred Obama over Trump. Then Trump killed them.

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Trump lies pathologically and at times for no ostensive reason. I don’t know much about Cohen, but he doesn’t seem quite that bad.

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Given his past and his current behavior, not even a supporter would be foolish enough to trust Donald.


Lol - given his past behavior, I’d be willing to bet even Melania doesn’t trust him.

You mean like promising to nominate outstanding justices and then doing it? Or maybe repealing two regulations for every new one enacted? Sending ISIS to hell? 4 million new jobs? The re birth of manufacturing? Lowest Black unemployment ever? 3.8 million people off of food stamps?

Do you expect us to ignore such deeds?

Well, it was all fully functioning and humming along when he arrived. :grin:

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I would take Trump or even Bernie Sanders over Cohen. Now if he starts a new war all bets are off.

And it boomed after he got here. Some of the best numbers we’ve ever seen. Obama said that some manufacturing jobs were gone for ever. President Trump brought them back. :grinning:

You guys never stop creating the same myth. :roll_eyes:

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Trump averages over 15 lies a day. He lies to his base (even did it at CCAP). Their is a price to pay for lying. Most people will start to not to believe you.

It’s not a myth. Manufacturing jobs came roaring back. Just because CNN doesn’t cover it does not mean it didn’t happen. We are experiencing the, longest job growth period in history. Anderson probably forgot to tell you that too. :us:

According to whom? His political enemies?

I don’t expect anything from you that you aren’t already doing.


Yes that longest job growth period in history started back in 2009 under Obama. Fox News didn’t tell you that. And Man. jobs started back under Obama. US companies realize overseas wasn’t the deal they thought it was. Fox News didn’t tell you that.

The truth is the political enemy of Trump.

There’s been a court document filed which explains that Trump committed a felony. I’m curious: reading: is that something you’re in to, or not?

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