Trump launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality


Doesn’t surprise me in the least.


Good job, Trump. This has to end.


I like it. Maybe the less he knows the better.


Whatever happened to her?


I don’t know. I’ve tried to find her knowing what little bit I know about her, but have come up with nothing.

I’m actually pretty worried about it.


Lol - I just came across that article and was about to post it. :rofl::rofl:


Figures that something good being done by the administration is something trump has no idea they are doing it…


@vaard might know. It isn’t like her.


That’s not what that says.


Trump has no core beliefs or ideologies. ZERO, other than enriching himself.

The original description of his governance style holds true: His opinion is usually that of the last person he talked to. Why? Because he’s lazy and uninformed.


Is he even really president anymore? Does his own staff even listen to him, or tell him what’s going on?


well oiled machine.


Not surprised one bit.


Fake news…


Life in the bubble.


I’ve already asked him.

It isn’t like her.



I came here to post this very thing, but didn’t realize it was yesterday that Fat Moron Donald was asked about “his” policy, only to be say “Huh?”.

What a ■■■■■■■ idiot. :laughing:

How will the MAGA douchenincelwafa spin this?


Entering video evidence of addled-brain, room-temperature IQ Fat Donald baffled by a reporting asking the question:

Der. Duh. Oooh. Hmmm. Der. Duh.


I agree this has been happening in Chechnya with homosexuals forever, it’s just that region doesn’t get a lot of coverage. It used to be even worse than it is now when it was under the control of either Maskhadov or Dudayev. That whole region from Chechnya straight down to Pakistan persecutes both homosexuals and minorities. Chechnya itself says they don’t practice Sharia law, but they do just not publicly.


Is he going to start with his beaties the saudi’s