Trump launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality


He was a huge story by Yahoo News and the like…at least until the truth started to come out.


Let me guess, the worldwide oppression of homosexuals will be solved by 2020 just like how there is now magically peace between the US and North Korea.

  1. Withdrawal from Syria
  2. Ending sanctions on Derispaska
  3. Valuing Russian intelligence over US
  4. Trade war – all US soybean exports to China now replaced by Russian exports to China
  5. Undermining NATO.
  6. Disclosing Intelligence secrets to the Soviet Ambassador in the Oval Office
  7. Changing Republican platform to acquiesce on Crimea

You want more?

Criticizing Iran does not anger the Russians, by the way.


And now it’s a huge story on Fox News. I still don’t get what it has to do with the effort to end the criminalization of homosexuality.


Does this move by Fat **** Donald also apply to his own **** show regime?


Yeah… no. Let me know when Grenell chimes in on Saudi Arabia or Russia, then I might take it seriously.


Then I’ll explain it to you. Smollett was a gay black actor who said he was attacked by someone spouting about MAGA. The media jumped all over that story when it first came out because it fell right into the stereotype about Trump and his supporters that they were trying to sell.
And it contrasts to the story in the current thread, which is reality.


Fox “News”, Drudge, CEC wingnut talkies, and the rest of the right-wing outrage brigade lost their ■■■■ when this girl claimed some Obama supporters jumped her and carved “B” on her cheek.

Remember your outrage?

I do too.


Todd had worked as a field representative for the College Republican National Committee since August 2008 and had come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in mid-October to recruit college students.[3] On October 22, 2008, Todd claimed that she was robbed at knifepoint[4] by a “six-foot-four African American of medium build, dressed in dark clothes wearing shiny shoes” [5] at a Citizens Bank ATM in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. She also alleged that after the robber saw a McCain bumper sticker on Todd’s car, he assaulted her, cut a reversed letter B into her cheek,[6] and told her “you are going to be a Barack supporter.”[7]


Umm…yes, there have been false flags from both sides and this was one of those.

Was this supposed to be in another thread or something?


Isn’t this the poster who wanted gays imprisoned?


I missed it. Was her homosexuality criminalized? Otherwise, what’s the point of this post (or any of the posts that discuss hoax claims)?


Are you talking about me?

Please try to keep up. You can be better than that. I’ve seen it.


So you never wanted gays imprisoned? Didn’t you express that in conversations with Who?


So your tangential outlier belongs in this thread, but Vali’s doesn’t? Something something gored ox?


Was Doug’s post on the topic of the criminalization of homosexuality? No, it seemed to be trying to blow air on the tired story that Fox News is pushing about a guy looking for attention and sympathy, while at the same time playing on the stereotype of intolerant MAGA people.

My post countered his, showing that attention-seeking morons are on both sides of the aisle and that media outlets are happy to use their actions as propaganda. Right-wing media ran with Backward B girls false story for a week or more, even after it was shown to be false.


No. Mine was relevant because the current thread showed the fake nature of the stereotype being portrayed by MSM in the Smollett case of intolerant anti gay positions.
The Vali story was just saying…here’s an example of a right winger who faked an attack.


So you never wanted gays imprisoned? Didn’t you express that in conversations with Who?

Who is Who?


So we are supposed to believe this isnt just a stunt after his transgender military ban and having an advocate of torturous “conversion therapy” as his veep.


Did Fat Donald’s trash-pile regime reverse their ban on visas for same-sex partners of diplomats?


Its the ultimate “but but i got a black friend!” defense the op is pulling.