Trump launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality


I rejected the whataboutism and restated my question.


You answered that? I must have missed it.


If you listen closely, you can hear thunderous cheering from all the transsexuals in the U.S. Military


Well…this is good.


As for the OP…

I never understood the need for criminalizing homosexuality.

Or even criminalizing homosexual behavior.


But, but…this is MAGA country.


seems like more Iranian hate by the Trump admin instead of championing gay rights.

Look at saudi arabia, Trump bosom buddy and lifelong pal.

you think they would have the nerve to tell the ruler of Saudi arabia to decriminalize homosexuality.

LOL. If you believe that. I have some magic beans to trade for your cow, LOL



Right? Had it been any country but Iran, I’d think yay, they’re doing something good with no ulterior motive.


That actor I’ve never heard of who apparently faked an attack in MAGA country is the biggest story of the day according to Fox News, but I’m not sure what it has to do with this story.

This is a great move by the Trump administration.


Obama was too busy fighting conservatives in america getting them to at least view homosexuals as human with rights…

His curbstomping of conservatives on the issue here in america is what is allowing trump to spread this liberal view around the world…

This will definitely be something i give credit to trump for even tho it will raise the anger of most conservatives that voew homosexuals as subhuman…


I support President Trump on this. I look forward to the change from words to action.


I am sure trump wont actually get anything done internationally, especially in countries like russia and saudi arabia that view hom as a weak cuckold…

But at least he is starting the conversation that can be completed by a stronger liberal leader…


Its going ro be funny to see the trump worshippers try to claim that they were the ones in support of homosexual rights and it was the liberals that were trying to keep them down…

The right typically try to rewrite history and pretend they were not on the wrong side of it as they usually are…


They do have that messy problem of not wanting them to serve in the military.


Yes. Several times.


Maybe Trump is bi-sexual? Many of them ultra rich tend to sway in all directions because they cant find fun with their money. Trump is curious !


That dates back decades. I know, in reading up on the Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, for example, he had to keep his homosexuality a secret for that reason.


While I agree, somehow I think Trump will see the headlines, wake up and go, “What the hell did I do?” and reverse the decision.


Surprised he didn’t do it closer to the election, but I guess doing it now gives his rabid fans among the evangelicals time to cool off.


I’m no Trump fan but I agree with some of the things he’s done. I wonder what Pence thinks of this?