Trump launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

Just like Trump is a really poor racist with low unemployment for minorities and justice reform lowering prison sentences, he seems to be a bad homophobe too. Perhaps that was all a hate crime hoax perpetrated by the liberal media because they wanted Hillary.

I wonder if they would have done this had the hanging been in Russia instead of Iran. Many people are asking.


Did the Obama admin have any efforts like this?

That wasn’t what I was wondering.

Why not? and What was ol’flexible talking to Putin about?

This is great, and long overdue.

So many human rights abuses on this issue , especially in Africa and Middle East.


Don’t know. Trump is the topic here, not Obama.

No, ending world oppression of Homosexual is. Did Obama try? TDS is blinding sometimes…

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As I said, I don’t know. My question remains - if it had been Russia, would this have happened?


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How can you be sure?

If you are not going to accept my answer, why bother asking it…


Anti globist Trump at it again!

For the record I support this… I just find the hypocrisy laughable.

Can you name anything he’s done to try and benefit Russia?

If he colluded with them there must be some type of kickback. The problem with this is, he seems to routinely be pissing off the Russians. Not helping them.

“I don’t care, I believe Putin!”

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Globalism is giving up your sovereignty to other entities like the UN and WTO. Or to climate treaties limiting your economy.

Already decided I won’t accept your answer? Then don’t respond, Carnac.

Good, we shouldn’t be afraid to use sanctions against countries that criminalize it.

Doesn’t take a Carnac to know what you’ve already demonstrated.

You asked a question. You rejected the answer by asking another question. Don’t get upset when someone doesn’t want to play that game.


This was your question. I answered it. Then you rejected my answer.