Trump knows TV ratings. At the right time, Acosta will be back

It will be bigger than Roseanne’s return.

Maybe longer lived…but he will be back.


Trump is a master of giving us what we need when he need it.

Sometimes we don’t even know we need it until he gives it to us.

He possesses all of the traits of a master entertainer.

You can’t coach that.

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During the presidential campaign, he said he liked being compared to the guy who said “there’s a sucker born every minute”. For some reason, that made those suckers vote for him even harder.

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I think I agree with you.

That he likes being a charlatan or the trumpletons like being punked?

Oh. Never mind. I don’t agree with you.

I thought your point was that they’re both great at coming up with catchy slogans.

Not surprised.