Trump knocks Dodgers' pitching change: 'Big mistake!'

On the day of the Synagogue mass slaughter of Jews, OUR President is tweeting about… baseball? Really? You Trump Republicans okay with that?

Here’s a better question. What inappropriate Trump actions would you not be okay with?

Meh…not a big deal. Presidents have to relax…what did you watch last night? On the day my dad died… I sat down and watched a Cub game with my wife. What’s wrong with any of that? My dislike of Trump is well documented. This is a large nothing burger.

It may not matter to you that a President talkes about pitching changes on the day of the most prolific Jewish mass murder in US history, but it certainly matters to that community (who lost fathers and sons and mothers and daughters). It also matters to the Jewish community in general. And decent people in general.

Now, if you have 4 people in your family and 3 of them are gunned down in a church during a mass murder, would you be mad at the President of the United States if he, that evening, talked about who was starting at quarterback for the jets?

Is trump a lifelong Dodgers fan or something? Or is he just looking for an excuse to publicly ■■■■ on somebody as president? Or did the manager say something bad about trump?

Not just talking about sports, but addressing the nation through social media.

How dare you call this a nothingburger after trump mailed off all of those bombs and killed a bunch of people yesterday before an evening of campaign rallies and baseball.

What are you, a russian??

What’s with these russkies not seeing things your way??

Name the date, time and place and I’ll march with you brother.

Well, at least he wasn’t filling out an NCAA bracket!

No. Im kinda realistic. It’s not his job to totally focus on my life or tragedy 24/7. He has the right to focus on the lighter things in life too. Not saying you’re wrong caught…we just disagree.

No…im worse…im Hungarian. Me and Soros.:sunglasses:

Oh paprikash.


Absolutely. My grandma taught my wife how to make Chicken Paprikash before she died. She made it for my family the day after my dad died in August. It was his favorite.

Magyar too?

No, no. I just think the history of the region is fascinating and was curious. My father-in-law is Hungarian though. My wife loves his chicken paprikash. I’m kind of picky, but I swear I’m gonna try it one day.

Man you have to…it will change your world.

Just imagine how much complaining Trump would of done this year had he been an Orioles fan


■■■■, for once i actually agreed with him. (And I’m a Red Sox fan.)

Trump derangement syndrome is running wild within certain people.

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Let’s say you and your family were in a Baptist church. An Islamic terrorist came through and murdered more people in a Baptist church than had been murdered in the history of the Baptists in the US. Don’t you think the leader of our country should be more in tune with things than to be talking about if Lebron James is going to work with the Lakers on the evening of the terrorist attack/ mass shooting?

I get your point…i just dont agree.