Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


So this is Trump’s “apology tour”?


This was a topic debated by the presidential candidates for 4 election cycles, and it was always the Replican candidate who took the strongest position.

Every debate was centered on having pre-conditions before considering a meeting… much less following through. Nothing of the sort has been done, and the “letter” obtained is weaker than previous agreements.

Regardless of whether you agreed or disagreed with that position, the hypocrisy right now is incredible.


It’s simple. Donald Trump did it so the Trump Republicans think it’s okay now.


“very talented man . . . wants to do the right thing . . . very worthy, very smart negotiator . . . excellent relationship . . . funny guy . . . loves his people . . . great personality . . . a great honor . . . very special bond . . . I do trust him.”

Remember when the right went absolutely bat ■■■■ crazy when Obama said those words about Kim Jong Un in 2008?

Oh wait - that was Donald showering the murderous dictator with love in 2018. Something I thought only the left did.


I’m here and I ask President Trump…………….“say what”?! :open_mouth: Maybe he is trying to butter up the little dictator and if that’s the case I’m okay as long as he gets the creep to de-nuke!

But I couldn’t disagree more with the President on this one. With that said Trump is still better then any POS liberal Democrat that’s for damned sure.


I’d have a degree of respect for that answer if there was enough honesty there to just come out and say it.


See? That wasn’t so hard, @thinkingman


love how the left expects “candor” and “honesty”


thats trump engaging in diplomacy

would you feel better if he just bowed?


From a Trumpist? No. Certainly not from Donald - the man’s an enthusiastic lair.


not “okay” so much as in our own best interests. and tha of the world

without airlifts of tons of cash


Is that what you would have called it had Obama said those words? “Diplomacy?”

Forgive me if I doubt it.


what ”diplomacy” had obama ever done with them in attempts to denuke?


He certainly didn’t praise a murderous dictator like he was in love.

But of course, that’s Donald Diplomacy.


No one was going to war unless Trump initiated it.

You’ve been conned.


please. what did obama do to turn the tide of a rapidly nuclearizing state in midst of making outright threats to vsporize US civilians?

(hint - north korea is not correct)


kim threatened to vaprorize washington

trump’s fault?

i bet you think Kim was stable and safe until the tough taking trump came along huh?


Kim is not stable. Kim had no ability to “vaporize washington” . He is a weak, tin-pot dictator who Trump just greatly elevated.

Deal with it.


Thank god for whataboutism. Absolves Trumpists of so much hard self-reflection.


i didnt say he could. but might be able vaporize something in say, japan. but im sure you understand. you demand that people “deal with” the things you post