Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


“as the result of what the US Department of State eventually determined was”


“Talks” as in Trump’s ramblings?


heres where the poster pretends they asked a pointed question and resorts to ridicule to avoid the topic.

youre almost as bad as @C_Actor



Show us on the dolly where CNN touched you.


Huh? Former Presidents did not ever engage in diplomacy with hostile regimes? Is this a joke that I’m failing to get the punch line on?


yes “talks” as in the opposite of “wars” which are not being waged right now

keep pretending trump is retarded. deniro will be proud at the next tony award show.


hmm yeah was funny in 2016. but only for the first 20 times

join the adults and offer something to discuss


No ridicule at all. Just answer the question instead of deflecting to avoid it:

What changed between 2008 and 2018 to make the CEC suddenly come round to the idea of our president negotiating with North Korea?


oh stop its not a legit question its a partisan political attack narrative

no president legitimately pushed like this for summit agreements and if they did they failed miserably

trump’s whole point

now run to maddow and hear that they really didnt want a summit because they “knew better”



not as effectively as trump. as “real” news proves

sorry this is how this “disaster” presidency us embarassing you and the “not my president” losers


It’s not a difficult question, especially for a thinking man.

There was a time when the CEC considered negotiating with evil dictators to be a negative. Now it’s considered wonderful. What changed?


Okay. You’re all over the place. Good evening to you.


Good luck kind sir. I think he may be drunk posting.


i am talking abour trump and recent events. this “cec” nonsense and narrative is msm crap. get away from leftist websites and msnbc for a while


Did you yourself welcome previous presidents negotiating with evil dictators, and speaking of them in glowing terms?


base personal insults now.

that afraid to address the topic? man…


i am not making anyone “glow” this process is hard and uncertain.

it was always my hope that admins would address problems with other problematic leaders that were a threat to world security and US interests

but enough about me being an actual progressive and idealist


Donald spoke of Kim in particularly glowing terms. Do you approve?


You’ve been insulting others throughout the thread. Does that mean you’re afraid?


Yes, a monster with nuclear weapons. Even more reason to maintain strength.

You can’t be too desperate for a deal. That’s how you get screwed. At least, don’t show it.