Trump just let me down

Exactly this.

@komobu I’m genuinely sorry for your troubles and hope sincerely that it works out for you.

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At some point we’re going to have to stop ignoring COVID before anything else.



Or stop panicking and go back to work.


I have rental property.

I have also been out of work since March.

My wife and I had a conversation as to what we should do if one of our tenants could not pay. We decided that eviction in the face of a pandemic would not be the moral choice and would make it work however we can.

That is just us though.


That word. I don’t think it means what you think it does.

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Pure TDS. Pure like spring water.


Sure it does.

Are you following me from thread to thread now to say the same things over and over? Holy mackerel.


This is the absolute truth. Trump’s complete and total, catastrophic failure when it comes to our handling of this pandemic is unquestionably to blame for where so many people, like you Tommy, and like the OP are today. Not too mention the 300,000+ lives lost by the end of this year and the millions more that will be dealing with lifelong medical complications from this virus.

Trump. Must. Go!

We cannot allow more of the same. Enough is enough.


^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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This example is where it must be weighed…is it better to close everything down and face COVID or leave everything open and face COVID? I say leave it open, be responsible…realizing…this methodology…even though some will die…is the lessor of the evils. People will die either way but adding financial ruin to the country doesn’t do anyone, any good.


If we had to do it from scratch, I’d say close everything down China-style for six weeks and enforce the lockdown strictly. If possible, even restrict trip to grocery stores. Then we would have been way better off than half-assing it.

Unfortunately, I knew it was over the minute Republicans came out and said that old people need it to die for the economy.


I was here first and I responded to your post as I found it.

Leaping trout.

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That’s a filter bypass. Fix it please.

The way it is now, without everything completely opened, is going to result in over 300,000+ dead Americans in 2020 alone from COVID. How many more lives need to be sacrificed at the alter of the dollar before we just man up as a nation, have serious leadership in government that is taking serious responsible measures, to mitigate the spread and get it under control? So THEN we can fully open everything back up with limited casualties?

If we get the damn thing moving in the right direction, without rampant spread from the piecemeal approach and abdication of Executive leadership from the White House, then we could also get the economy moving the right way again.

First Step 1. Then Step 2.

Not, skip Step 1 and let 1,000,000 more people die with some hope and prayers that this magically fixes the economy too. It is insanity.

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The bankers always win. That’s why Dave Ramsey doesn’t borrow money.

Neither do I.

A landlord is a renter from the bank (unless the property is paid off) but is also responsible for paying property taxes and insurance.

Plus they may need that income to live on.