Trump just let me down

Imagine if the govt told workers, you have to work through the end of 2020 even if your employer doesnt pay you, but dont worry…if he doesnt pay you, he will still owe you the money. But you have to work for him through the end of 2020 whether you like it or not and you cant quit.

That is similar to what the administration is doing to me. Trump and his Whitehouse are just like the Dems on this issue, and are interfering with Contract Law and supporting Theft of Services. says President Donald J Trump is working to stop evictions and protect American Homes during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

“I want to make it unmistakably clear that I’m protecting people from evictions.” says
President Donald J. Trump. Following an Executive Order by President Trump, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using its authority to temporarily halt evictions through the end of 2020 in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Who are they to force me, a private citizen, to house someone at my expense? Who are they to pick winners and losers?

My wife and I have three single family homes that we rent out. One of them is paid for, the other two I have a mortgage on. When I rent one of my houses, it is an investment. I engage in contract law to rent out my property for a payment each month. If the tenant can not pay, Why should the govt be able to force me to house that individual at my expense?

According to this law, evictions will stop due to non payment. So what happens is that once you rent your house to someone, they have possession. If the tenant moves out, posession returns to the owner. If the tennant refuses to move, the case goes before a judge who decides the case. He can grant posession to the owner, and evict the tenant, or he can side with the tenant and give the tenant time to find another place.

40% of all single family homes are rented by people like me that have one or two properties that they rent. Under this regulation, if the tenant doesnt pay rent, he cant be evicted through the end of 2020. So in my area, rent is a minimum of 1k per month. So if the tenant doesnt pay for 5 months, I am now 5k down. If I can get into court in Jan 2021, the judge will most likely give the tenant one or two additional months to find a new place. Especially if they have kids. So now I am 7k down. Supposedly the tenant will still owe me the 7k, but you cant get blood out of a turn up. I may get a judgement, but it is doubtful if I will ever be able to collect on it.

If the govt wants to help these people, they should send a check for the rent to the landlord. Many renters are not responsible with their money, and now the govt is aiding them in their irresponsibility. Let the govt try to collect the back rent from the tenant. If I cant make my mortgage payments because the tenant refuses to pay rent, and he wont leave because the govt says he doesnt have to, what are they going to do when I lose my property to the bank?

I am really disappointed in this decision.

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They aren’t going to be paying it anyway, they can’t. Pelosi won’t negotiate.

That’s what I don’t get about evictions moratoriums either. Doesn’t seem to take into account that landlords depend on that money.

Contract law is negotiable and is a statist construction. Suspending it isn’t interference. The opposite, in fact.


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It’s undeniable. Contracts are legally-enforceable promises.

Government mandated suspension is most definitely interference.

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It’s absurd to suspend rent payments without also suspending landlords’ mortgage payments.


Now you’re talking.

I agree, but also -

what if the lender depends on that money ? It all flows upstream, obviously.

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It doesn’t make any since because the landlord is going to lose out. A mortgage holiday could be the answer.

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Not just mortgage payments. What about taxes? What about insurance? Then there are upkeeps. When the AC or the Heat goes out, The landlord has to pay to get it back operational. Many landlords also pay for utilities.

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In all of that you neglected to mention if you’ve had any discussions with your lender(s). At the beginning of the crisis banks made it known they were willing to work with people, I’m assuming they are still doing this?? Maybe I’m wrong??

This would only be for owner financing. Not a large segment. Most mortgages are financed through banks who get the money from the fed anyways.

Ah so you didn’t care until it affected you personally.


There were eight million foreclosures in 2009. The big banks are expecting twenty to twenty five million by the end of this year.

You are totally misunderstanding me. I am not in a position where I can not meet my obligations. I am upset that the govt is telling me that I have to meet the govts obligations. Would you be ok if the govt told you that you had to work for four months without getting paid, but dont worry because the employer will owe it to you? Should the govt be able to force you to work for a person of their choice? The govt is telling me I can not evict if he doesnt pay me. The govt is forcing me to provide a service to a person that they deem is deserving of my property and I am not being compensated except with an IOU. Do they take IOUs at the bank or the grocery store?

At some point there is going to have to be a massive round of debt forgiveness or a jubilee to get the economy started again.


Yes. So what? Do you really care about things that dont affect you personally? What other people should the govt be able to force to provide a service?

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Trump’s refusal to deal with COVID has wrecked my industry and career for almost six solid months now, with no end in sight. Forgive me for not falling to my knees weeping and rending my garments because now you might be affected along with a solid fifth or more of the population by this absolute catastrophe.

I offer you the same amount of sympathy you’ve offered to those of us hurt by this until it looked like it might hurt you.